Mission Statement

"Our goal is to create the first European database for voluntary self- exclusions, providing an effective tool for the implementation of responsible gambling strategies and for the protection of players who struggle with compulsive gambling issues."

Over the past decades the gambling industry has seen extraordinary growth thanks to new technologies. The internet is emerging as the main distribution channel for gambling offers. The market is driven by constant product innovation. Ubiquitous accessibility of online offers has lead to ever increasing market size. The growing number of individual players inevitably coincided with a growing number of problem gamblers. 

Finally, gambling addiction and problem gambling emerged as the number one public relations issue for the entire industry. This tendency has not only resulted in ever stricter regulation and compliance burdens, but also lead to an increasing number of court cases  between operators and players. 

In the past operators have addressed this issue on a company level only. Solutions offered or imposed by national regulators often address only single markets and find limited acceptance by players and operators alike. Governmental systems regularly entail operational burdens and have often been criticised on grounds of data protection and privacy.   

In today’s interconnected gambling world, players do not stop  at national borders and often use more than one provider. An effective exclusion system must therefore take a transnational and inter-operator approach. RGOAL is the first self-exclusion database offering its services across all European markets to operators and customers, while maintaining the highest standards of data protection and security.  

The establishment of the RGOAL database is a landmark for the industry’s ongoing efforts to promote and ensure responsible gambling.