Frequently Asked Questions

Is RGOAL limited to a certain kind of online gambling product?
RGOAL will work directly with all operators providing any kind of online gambling products (casinos, sports betting, lottery etc.).

Will our customer data be exchanged with any government bodies or credit rating agencies?
RGOAL will ensure the highest levels of security and will not transmit any information to external entities.

Is RGOAL related to any government body or gambling operator?
RGOAL is a limited liability firm established in Malta, and is totally independent from Regulators and/or Operators.

Will other operators be able to see our customer data?
No. RGOAL will never be granted access to an Operator's database. Data will be sent from the Operator directly in case of new self-exclusions, and when there is a matching player from the Operator's end. When RGOAL's list is downloaded, it is only provided to an Operator in hashed format, and therefore, Operators will not be receiving any personal player data or other details which are submitted from another Operator (including the submitting Operator was). RGOAL’s database ensures a high level of encryption that only allows the operator to receive confirmation of a player’s details being matched.

How long does it take for a new self-exclusion to be added in RGOAL's database?
If all the required information is provided, the self- exclusion will become active immediately after the upload of the information to RGOAL’s database. In cases of potential matches which cannot be automatically confirmed, RGOAL will need to manually compare this data. This process should be completed within 72 hours.

What are my risks if I do not participate in the self-exclusion database?
Having only self-excluded players from your site will mean that you might not be aware that several other players within your database have also self-excluded themselves from other Operators. This might subsequently create legal risks in terms of not protecting vulnerable players. Being one of RGOAL’s partner operators would publicly show that you care about the issue of responsible gambling, and the protection of all problem gamblers, by protecting all players within your database, and warning other operators about players who have self-excluded directly from your website.

How does RGOAL cooperate with scientific research bodies and health care institutions?
RGOAL is developing a contact framework with many of the most important entities related to responsible gambling awareness. Furthermore, the data analysis will provide empirical means to evaluate the gambling addiction problem in a unique and innovative way. These combined together with the support of the best problem gambling health care institutions, will lead to an accurate symbioses which can be converted in scientific researches and published articles.

Will all previous self-exclusions be uploaded to RGOAL when signing up?
No. Operators connected to RGOAL will only be able to upload all the new self-exclusions registered registered after becoming an RGOAL client and updating their own T&Cs to inform their players that they will be subscribing to RGOAL's list if they decide to self-exclude themselves.