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RGOAL was formed by a group of partners with extensive experience in gambling and compliance, who developed a new approach to self-exclusion.

Having identified gambling addiction as one of the primary challenges for the industry today, RGOAL created the first independent, pan-European, inter-operator database for voluntary self-exclusions, which is open to multiple gambling products:

RGOAL’s objective is to provide those players who struggle with compulsive gambling problems with a “one-stop” solution to protect themselves from the potentially disastrous consequences of excessive gambling, while maintaining complete privacy of their personal data. Players can simply register their temporary or permanent exclusion from any future gambling offers of all participating operators in a central database, either through the platform of a participating operator or directly through RGOAL’s website.

At the same time, the RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING OPERATORS ALERT LIST™ will provide operators with an effective technical tool for the implementation of responsible gambling strategies and legal risk management. Using cutting edge technology as well as the highest standards in data security and data protection, RGOAL offers operators a real time connection to its database, without any necessity for transfer of customer data.


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