How Our Data Service Package Works

“The Responsible Gambling Operators Alert List™” is a database that gets populated by players requesting their temporary or permanent exclusion, either directly through a form on our website, or through the self-exclusion mechanism provided on the platforms of the participating Operators. 



After an operator signs up for our “The Responsible Gambling Operators Alert List ™” Data Service Package, our technical team will assist in the installation of the integration of the API to allow the Operator access to the database in real time. 

The Operator can then regularly run checks of their customer portfolio against RGOAL’s Database of excluded players.  Each check begins with a download of the most recent updated version of the Database in encrypted (hashed) form. 

Within a few seconds the personal data of the players in the Operator's database, will be checked against RGOAL's Database matching individuals.  

Any match will result in a notification to the Operator, which can immediately block these players so that they are not allowed to login and play further until their exclusion period expires. 

The Operator’s platform will be submitting all new self-exclusions received from their end instantaneously to RGOAL’s Database. This step is particularly important to ensure RGOAL’s effectiveness and accuracy as an alert list. 

Each excluded player will be informed by RGOAL separately by email.

For further questions please refer to our FAQ section and to our Terms and Conditions, or feel free to contact us via our Contact Form